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After a really postive start, so excited by the new project and all the great sites to choose from, i couldnt wait to get started but last week was a total right off got sick and lost my motivation but the panic has now set in after losing a week on a 5 week project is a lot. Eventually i ve decided on my site, kept going between calton road bridge, dock at the scottish office and leith links. Leith links won, i started by looking at the history of the site and found out loads i didnt know:- first ever golf course, battle field between english and scotland, and a graveyard to many that died of the plague etc. I then began looking at what the area is used for now. Which has lead me to look at edinburgh’s underworld and how this is hidden away, poverty, homelessness, drugs, violence, crime and Prostitution and all the comes with that life style. Prostitution has become my main focus. I think this is a very difficult but interesting subject and so far it has been challenging as to how im going to come up with visual material to work from. 

Written by heatherdimarco

November 22, 2007 at 12:13 am

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