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Douglas Gordon

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10ms-1 uses silent film footage made during the First World War. It shows a soldier, seemily recovering from injuring. After falling over he  tries to stand up, but repeatedly fails. The failure is exaggerated by the slow-motion projection.

The film has been transferred to video and is shown in a repeated loop, locking the soldier into an endless cycle of struggle and failure. Watching it can be at once compelling, frustrating and strangely voyeuristic. As Douglas Gordon has said: ‘You can see that what is happening on screen might be quite painful – both physically and psychologically – but it has a seductive surface. What do you do – switch off or face the possibility that a certain sadistic mechanism may be at work?’

 In another work made around the same time, Gordon used a medical demonstration film in which a case of hysteria was staged, and he has acknowledged an interest in the way that such ambiguous documentation opens up questions about truth, perception and representation.

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May 3, 2009 at 1:41 pm

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