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Well this is my first web blog so i thought i would start it off by looking at some of my work i done on my 1st year HND public art.

The first brief was the ‘Human Condition’ project in which I started to look at connections between two people in a relationship. I then began to concentrate on the negative space and distance between two people, their thoughts, emotions, body language and gestures.

 img_0140.jpg           img_0179.jpg      

The second brief i was given was the ‘Protection’ project i tried to continue with the themes and ideas that arised in the human condition project but convey them in a more successful way. I first began at looking at amour and the way the we physically protection ourselves. Then i began looking at the way we mentally and emotionally protect ourselves. I wanted to incorpoarate these two ideas together to create a physical amour for the something that is not tangable but yet very real. I wanted to create an armour, protection, escape a haven representing what i think my emotional barries would look. 

 picture1-069.jpg           39.jpg

The third brief was the ‘Site Specific’ project. After many discussions and research into what site specific art is and the continuing debate as to whether this is correct or not. I decided to base my project up Calton Hill. I was very concerned that my art work should not take away from the beauty and tranquillity that Calton Hill possess.  And wanted to work with the monuments and buildings that already inhibt the space. I decided to concentrate on Edinburgh’s National Monument better known as Edinburgh’s Disgrace and looking at why it was constructed and the idea of it being used by some of the city’s residents as a place to reflect and escape from busy life in the city centre. I also wanted to incorporate the observatory, looking  at astronomy/astrology and the idea of linking the past to present and the future.  

 picture-109.jpg          picture-100.jpg

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August 28, 2007 at 12:49 pm

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